Behind the Author

Yosaris Rodriguez is a writer and poet whose writing journey started at the tender age of 10 years old while attempting to escape emotional pain. Growing up in the Bronx with a single mom and a sister with limiting disabilities, she hid in the fancies of storytelling, creating a safe haven, and releasing frustrations. While in elementary school she was introduced to the world of expressive reading and how to become the character in every new story she read. As a teenager, the world was ready to show her what her reality was; the stories could no longer block the reality of her surroundings. She found herself fighting to survive temptations while remaining true to her upbringing. Becoming a single mom at the age of 20 grew her desire to break the chains of generational bondage. Her relationship with God saved her life and opened a new set of opportunities for her life. Today Yosaris lives in Massachusetts with her daughter. She has been active in her church and is looking forward to building relationships with the youth via teaching and storytelling. Yosaris is a true believer in being a servant of God and uplifting his children to live free of fear.