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Do not Interact with the Insecure: The Rose Affect.

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

What happens when the camera tells you one thing, but the mirror tells you something different? What if I told you that when a photo is taken; it comes out expired, and it is no longer your reality; would you believe me? Well, that is the truth. What you see without filters, without image correction, and without a click to pause the moment is what the work of art God created represents; but the enemy wants you to believe that His work is flawed so, you are conditioned to think your worth represents a still image.

You ever looked at roses when you first get them? How beautiful and full of life they are, but after a few days they look old, worn out, and dangle lifelessly (?) well, look at yourself as that rose. You were created with love to fulfill others with purpose and joyfulness but as time goes on you started to believe the opinions of those who are powerless compared to your creator and now you are sitting in a room filled with guilt, judgment, insecurities, doubts, trauma, and confusion. The rose that you are begins to get hard and, once they crunch you; you disappear in the hands of those who could not wait to destroy you.

You go with the wind and become nothing simply because you remained a still image in the eyes of hatred. The mirror is now blurry and deemed a liar while the camera clicks happily towards your destruction. You are now a memory of those who saw you as a beautiful rose. They wanted to pour water on you and protect you from the damaging glare of the flash, but you performed a tricking tic-tok dance to disguise your pain, so they never had that chance.

Your skin color has history. Your hair is not all you have to offer. Your mole makes you unique. Your body is not incorrectly proportioned. The gap on your teeth does not need to be fixed. Your head is not too big. Your scars have a story. Your intelligence is not because of that degree. You are not too big; you are not too small. You are exactly how He needed you to be; you are that never-dying rose. So, clean your mirror and give it your all because its reflection was perfected by a loving heart.

If anyone has contemplated the idea of suicide or if you are feeling like the world is against you, please seek God or seek help. This does not mean you have a mental illness or that you are weak. Please see the following resources below.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours/ 7 days a week


ECC Grief Ministry: Zoom meeting info

Meeting ID:836 1596 0931

Passcode: 234768

Trauma Life Coach: Alba Cordero Soto:

Of course feel free to connect with me!

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