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A health journey to a better you without habitual patterns.

We all can become a product of habitual patterns that are created by fear, trauma, grief, excitement, routines, emotional eating, a hectic lifestyle, etc. I was asked for advice on what works for me and how I can help someone start this journey in a guided step format. I am a true believer in willpower. I also lean toward evidence-based holistic medicine. We cannot fix the outside without addressing the inside and it starts with smart goals or purposeful steps. Internal healing is a must and does not require a personal trainer. I do recommend a therapist if you are open-minded to the idea. Once you feel confident you will commit to the mental aspect of committing to a cleanse for a certain amount of time. You will train your mind to avoid temptation. You will continue with committing to living a healthy life and working out once you have seen all the steps you have accomplished.

Habitual patterns will structure you to act on comfort rather that is running to McDonald's for large fries while running an errand or acting out of anger every single time you are provoked.

Healthy patterns will create healthy boundaries that can create growth, movement, and healthy connections.

Below is what has worked for me and I continue to do. I also journal every night to write down what occurred that day and to see how much I have improved as a person. My workouts are different but these are some great ones to start with.


Step 1: Emotional healing and spiritual healing. Create a smart goal.

Complete this 2 weeks before you begin the cleanse or start to eat healthier. You can do these for as long as you want but complete at least 30 days.

Complete these between the hours of 4 am – 8 am – in complete meditation.

For the ladies: I AM Morning Affirmations for Women | Powerful Guided Meditation 432 Hz Healing Frequency

For the gentlemen: Potent Alpha Male Affirmations | Reprogram Your Mind for Success, Confidence, and Leadership


Emotional exercises:

Select ten things or people that are important to you; please include yourself. Write it down and place it somewhere you can see it constantly.

Look in the mirror with a fresh face no makeup. Say five things about you that you are proud of. Say it every day. Your soul must hear beautiful things from you.


  1. You are an overcomer and achiever.

  2. Your value is not based on materialistic items.

  3. You are so beautiful.

  4. Your commitment is unmatched.

  5. You are healed.

Create Smart Goal: Ex: I am going to lose 30lbs by July 2022 and commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Step 2: Take a body picture and begin the 2-week Cleanse every 6 months. For Example, June, and November.

This is very similar to the Daniel fast. With the cleanse you need to drink at least 64oz of water a day and drink a multivitamin twice a day. You can do 3 to 6 juices a day. The cleanse should be with water.

Shopping list:

· Granny Smith Apples – Green apples

· Cucumbers

· Beets

· Carrots

· Oranges

· Garlic

· Basil

· Blueberries

· Grapes

· Celery

· Spinach

· Kale

· Ginger Root

· Lemons

· Limes























Step 3: Take a body picture. After you complete the 2-week cleanse begin eating healthy:

Stay away from fried foods, cheese, whole milk, butter, steak, pork, etc.

I also avoid Tomatoes, Carrots, and white bread.

Examples of a non–vegan healthy meal.

Breakfast: by 8:30 am if possible. Mashed plantains or mashed potatoes made with water, sea salt, and vegetable oil. Boiled or scrambled eggs.

Snacks: Greek yogurt or an Oatmeal bar.

Lunch: Turkey/ Avocado/ Veggie Wrap

Dinner: Before 7:30 pm if possible. Brown rice cooked in water, sea salt, and vegetable oil. Dominican beans cooked in your favorite seasoning and Grilled chicken done on the stove or the oven cooked with your favorite seasoning items.

Examples of a Pescatarian healthy meal.

Breakfast: By 8:30 am if possible. Skillet salmon and scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms. Cooked with vegetable oil or coconut oil.

Lunch: Tuna Salad and grits or cooked shrimp with grits or Crabmeat with grits.

Snacks: Oatmeal raisin bar.

Dinner: Before 7:30 pm if possible. Lobster tail with brown rice cooked with water, sea salt, vegetable oil or coconut oil, and sliced avocado.

Examples of Vegan healthy meals:

Breakfast: Before 8:30 am if possible. Mashed potatoes cooked with water, light sea salt, and coconut oil, stir fry style spinach, onion, and mushrooms with egg whites.

Snack: Oatmeal bar or Oatmeal bowl with fruits.

Lunch: Kale, spinach, cucumber / Fruit smoothie with almond milk.

Dinner: Tofu with vegan pasta seasoned with your favorite seasoning. Cooked with coconut oil.

Step 4: Take a body picture once a week. This can be done with step 3. Body movement. Drink lots of water. Weight yourself and write the number down. Do not weight yourself for another 6 months. Numbers on a scale is not the overall goal.

These do not need to be done together.

  • Go up and down the stairs for at least 30 minutes a day or do a 1 mile jog.

  • Use music to move around. Turn on some techno and do the following at home basic workouts. Pick three days of out the week. Feel free to increase any of these.

  1. 100 Jump jacks.

  2. 10 squats x 3 times.

  3. 30-second planks x 2 times.

  4. 10 lunges on each leg x 2 times.

  5. 50 Crunches.

  6. 40 Calf raises.

  7. 10 pushups x 4 times.

  8. 60 seconds mountain climbers.

  9. 60 seconds jog in place.

  10. Wall sits for 30 seconds.

Breathing exercises and yoga:

  1. Learning to connect with your breathing will help you with public speaking. You may notice if you speak and have some level of anxiety you may sound out of breath without even moving.

  2. Yoga has a way of allowing your body to relax in a position that might seem uncomfortable yet strengthens your willpower.

Step 5: Journal:

Get everything you feel out on paper rather it is positive or negative. Keep the journal in a hidden spot where only you can find it. Write a page every day and do not read back any of the previous journals until you reach your smart goal.

The hardest part is starting!


The Well Plated Cookbook: Fast, Healthy Recipes You’ll Want to Eat.

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